Father in Jesus’ name, I thank you that I anointed to prosper. My eyes are open to see creative ways to increase financially. My ears are open to hear the best deals and my heart is pure so you can channel finances through me.

I am on the path of perpetual increase, as I enter into my wealthy place. Wealth and riches are in my house, I declare that I am the righteousness of God. I have sown my seed for supernatural abundance and I in daily expectation of increase.


Money comes to me, my nature attracts money. The fear of lack has been broken and has no power over me. I hear my father’s voice. The voice of intimidation and limitation I choose not to follow. I am free from debt; I am the lender and not the borrower.


The wealth of the wicked is being transferred to me and I commit to establish the kingdom of god in the earth. I am ready to distribute and my life is a distribution channel for God’s work in the earth.


I thank you Father that daily you are loading me with new benefits. I am anointed to prosper. I am on your mind because you want to increase me more and more.  Abundance is your will for me and because it pleases you when I prosper. I call increase, abundance and prosperity to come to me NOW, in Jesus’ name and I will never be broke another day of my life!




©2016 Spirit of Faith Minnesota

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